Women Speak Out Against Legalizing Prostitution

Last month, Albany Update reported on efforts by advocates to legalize prostitution in New York. This month, we are pleased to report that opponents of legalized prostitution are pushing back.

At a recent Albany press conference held by women’s rights groups, Rev. Dr. Que English, founder of Not On My Watch Inc., spoke of the dangers of prostitution. “‘There is nothing safe about the sex trade. It is violent . . . and you cannot regulate violence,’” Rev. Dr. English said.

Also, the New York Post reported on a new anti-trafficking video featuring Rebekah Charleston, a survivor of the sex trade. According to Charleston, “‘a lot of people are under the misconception that just because [prostitution is legal in Nevada], then it’s safe and it’s clean and that all the people there are consenting, and that’s just not the truth… The realities of prostitution and sex trafficking are horrific.’” Charleston revealed that working conditions in legal houses of prostitution are terrible and that drug use by prostitutes is frequent. “Melissa Holland, co-founder and executive director of Awaken,” asserted that the legalization of prostitution in Nevada led to an increase in illegal prostitution and in human trafficking. “‘We know from research when you legalize prostitution … you increase the demand for it. … So when the demand goes up, you have to increase the supply, and that’s in trafficking women and children,’ Holland explained.”