What Do Democratic Socialists Want?

When Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY14) defeated then-Rep. Joe Crowley in a Democratic congressional primary in 2018, her victory sent shock waves through the political landscape. Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s ability to topple a powerful and experienced member of Congress made members of both parties sit up and take notice, and her newfound status as a political celebrity drew attention to an organization called Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s DSA membership gave the organization much greater exposure than it had previously received.

Have you ever wondered about the policy agenda of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)? If  so, you are in the right place. Here is a summary of the policy platform of the New York City branch of DSA (https://www.socialists.nyc) as it relates to the sanctity of life, the family, and religious liberty.

In regard to criminal justice, the DSA proposes the “ultimate abolition” of what it calls “the carceral system.” Strangely, with the exception of a brief mention of restorative justice, the DSA does not set forth any alternative policies that would promote public safety or public order in the absence of our current justice system. The DSA does, however, desire to decriminalize all drugs, decriminalize prostitution, ban employers from asking about employees’ criminal backgrounds, and “ensure that all incarcerated people receive transition related care, including but not limited to access to hormone therapy and gender affirmative surgeries.”

The DSA’s “Education for All” platform calls for the conversion of all charter schools to public schools. This move would take away the only chance that some low or moderate-income urban families (many of them Black and Latino) have to keep their kids out of troubled public schools in their neighborhoods. The DSA would also “allocate funding for curricula relevant to the communities of the school and oriented towards racial and social justice, working-class and labor history, LGBTQ+ studies, [and] multilingual education and immersion.”

The DSA’s “Gender and Sexuality Justice” platform rejects parental rights while embracing homosexuality and transgenderism. The DSA would expand taxpayer funding for “transgender” hormones and surgeries and make it a priority to fund health centers that cater to “transgender” persons. Chillingly, the DSA proposes to “allow trans minors access to transition related care without parental consent.” Can you envision a world where your 11-year-old could obtain free puberty-blocking drugs without your permission? This is the vision that the DSA wants to make a reality.

In the area of healthcare and reproductive justice, the DSA proposes to trample upon religious liberty and the right to life. The DSA supports socialized medicine, a requirement that hospitals be publicly owned, and taxpayer-funded abortions. At NYCF, we believe that socialized medicine is a recipe for soaring health care costs, health care rationing by government, and a mass exodus from the Empire State. Requiring all hospitals to be publicly owned would push all faith-based hospitals to either close or turn over their operations to the state. Regarding abortion, the DSA would make a bad situation worse. New York already offers taxpayer-funded abortions to pregnant women who are enrolled in Medicaid; however, the DSA would make abortion available at no charge to everyone. Specifically, the DSA would “guarantee free abortion and contraception, on demand, provided routinely in all hospitals and outpatient OB/GYN practices as part of a comprehensive universal health care system.” This approach would do two things. First, it would increase the number of abortions. (When government pays for something, that something—whatever it is—happens more often.) Second, it would force all pro-life obstetrical practices to either start performing abortions or go out of business.

Friends, make no mistake: A socialist agenda is dramatically at odds with a Christian agenda. If disciples of Jesus Christ do not want a socialist agenda imposed on our state, now is the time for us to oppose that agenda and offer something better.