Voters: New York Democrats Are Going Too Far

New York government has been under unified Democratic Party control since January 2019. During that time period, state government has granted “transgender” persons access to opposite-sex facilities by passing the Bathroom Bill, denied youths with unwanted same-sex attraction access to professional counseling, mandated insurance coverage for abortion-causing drugs, passed a series of gun control measures, and enacted an abortion expansion law. Furthermore, the State Legislature is considering the legalization of recreational marijuana, paid surrogacy contracts, taxpayer-funded political campaigns, and a complete government takeover of the health insurance system. A few legislators are even proposing that prostitution be made legal.

A March 18, 2019 Siena poll shows that voters have reservations about the path their state government is taking. According to the Siena Research Institute, a majority of voters believe that “New York State is now moving too far to the political left” and that the “interests of upstate New York are being ignored in Albany.”

Even here in blue New York, it appears that there are limits to the amount of left-wing adventurism in which state government may engage without turning off large swaths of the voting public. Will Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the New York State Senate, and the New York State Assembly cross that line? Or have they crossed it already?