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Trump Administration Sets Standards For Transgender Military Service

The Trump administration is making progress in its effort to undo the damage done to the U.S. Armed Forces by President Barack Obama’s left-wing social experimentation.

On March 13, 2019, the Pentagon released a new directive relating to military servicemembers with gender dysphoria. The directive does two things. First, it states that persons who join the military after April 12, 2019 must conform to physical and grooming standards applicable to their biological sex. (Individual servicemembers may apply for waivers of this and other military requirements.) Second, the directive provides that most “transgender” persons already serving in the Armed Forces may continue to serve openly in accordance with their preferred gender identities pursuant to an Obama-era policy from 2016.

Predictably, LGBT activists are up in arms about this directive; they claim that the Trump administration is banning transgender persons from the Armed Forces. This claim is false. As one Pentagon official has noted, “‘the policy actually prohibits the denial of accession or involuntary separation solely on the basis of gender identity.’” No one has been drafted into the Armed Forces since 1973. If a person with gender dysphoria does not wish to comply with the new directive, that person is under no compulsion to serve in the Armed Forces.

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms recognizes the inherent value and worth of all people, including people who identify as “transgender.” We do not condone any mistreatment of persons with gender dysphoria. However, we do not believe it is appropriate for the gender identity issues of a small group of people to be allowed to disrupt the Armed Forces. The new Pentagon directive is a step in the right direction.