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Trump Administration Continues To Promote Commonsense LGBT Policies

During and after the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump’s statements on LGBT issues caused concern for some Christians.

In April 2016, Trump criticized North Carolina’s common-sense bathroom law, asserting that North Carolina “should allow people to use the bathroom they feel is appropriate.'” (Days later, Trump shifted his position, making a states’ rights argument in support of North Carolina’s freedom to set its own gender policies.) Trump went on to add that former Olympic decathlete Bruce Jenner—who has adopted a “transgender” identity and now expects to be addressed as Caitlyn Jenner—would be welcome to use the restroom of his choice at Trump Tower. Following his November 2016 election victory, President-elect Trump stated that he was “‘fine with'” the 2015 Supreme Court decision that imposed same-sex “marriage” upon the entire nation.

Thankfully, the Trump administration has handled LGBT issues much differently than candidate Trump and President-elect Trump did.

Last month, the administration asked the Supreme Court to hear three cases involving the President’s policy barring most persons identifying as “transgender” from serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. Multiple district courts have issued injunctions preventing this policy from going into effect. In response, theTrump administration has asked the high Court to expedite these cases on the grounds that the existing Obama-era policy allowing transgender” servicemembers “pose[s] too great a risk to military effectiveness and lethality.’

Also, the administration has refused to give in to LGBT outrage about the Department of Health and Human Services’ plainly reasonable proposal “to identify sex based on strictly-biological criteria.”

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms is pleased that the Trump administration continues to put forth common-sense policies on LGBT issues in spite of pressure to compromise.