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Tish James Seeks Additional Abortion Access Fund

Late last month, the pro-abortion National Institute for Reproductive Health announced the kickoff of a campaign to create a new taxpayer-funded abortion access fund in the City of New York. Unfortunately, New York City Public Advocate and Democratic Attorney General candidate Letitia “Tish” James supports this campaign.

Despite the fact that the State of New York already pays for abortions with our tax dollars through Medicaid, James and her fellow travelers believe that this isn’t enough; they are calling for the New York City Council to “commit direct funds to guarantee all New Yorkers, regardless of an individual’s race, immigration status, or socioeconomic standing, have access to abortion care.” Public Advocate James commented, “‘Today, we must once again stand together to battle back continuous assaults on our right to unbiased medical advice and access to safe, legal abortions. At the same time, we should remember that those rights mean little without the resources to ensure the access that women need and deserve. The Abortion Access Fund will provide those resources to ensure that women’s rights are fully realized, and that a lack of financial resources will never impede a women’s right to make her own medical choices.’”

It is deeply disappointing that Public Advocate James supports this campaign; however, given that she is an ally of pro-abortion-expansion Gov. Andrew Cuomo, it’s not surprising.