Supreme Court To Hear Oral Arguments in Masterpiece Cakeshop Case

On December 5, the Supreme Court of the United States is scheduled to hear oral arguments in a case that addresses the tension between the fictitious “right” to same-sex “marriage” and the constitutionally-guaranteed rights to free speech and the free exercise of religion. In the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, the Court will decide whether a Christian baker can be ordered by the state to create custom-made cakes for same-sex “weddings” in violation of his own conscience.



As Albany Update has previously reported, Jack Phillips, a Christian baker, owns Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado. In 2012, Phillips was asked to design and bake a cake for two men’s same-sex “wedding.” After Phillips politely declined, the two men accused Phillips of discrimination. An administrative law judge and an appeals court both ruled against Phillips, and he was ordered “to design custom wedding cakes that celebrate same-sex marriages if the shop designs wedding cakes for opposite-sex marriages,” to “re-educate his staff,” and to “report to the government for two years, describing all cakes that he declines to create and the reasons why.” Phillips states that his shop has lost approximately 40 percent of its business due to the court rulings. In a bizarre twist, Phillips was also approached by a customer who wanted him to design and bake a cake celebrating Satan’s birthday. To hear more of Jack Phillips’s story, please click here.

Friends, this case has profound implications for Christians, both in New York and across the nation. If government can force Jack Phillips to violate his beliefs about marriage, government can force New York’s Christian bakers, florists, photographers, caterers, and banquet hall owners to violate theirs as well. Please pray for wisdom for the Supreme Court; in particular, please pray for Justice Anthony Kennedy, who is likely to be the swing vote in this case.