Stillborn Bill Recognizes Loss of Unborn Life

A new bill has been introduced that would provide financial relief to parents of stillborn children in New York.

Bill S.3709-Mayer/A.7468-Buchwald would provide the parents of a stillborn child with a one-time tax credit of $2,000. The amount of this credit is the same as the amount of the child tax credit provided to parents whose children are born alive (the only difference is that parents of living children may continue to receive a $2,000 tax credit each year, whereas the parents of stillborn children would receive the credit only once). According to, approximately 1,500 stillbirths occur each year in New York.

At a recent press conference, Asm. David Buchwald—the bill’s Assembly sponsor—said, “‘It’s a matter of basic fairness. The parents still have significant costs, so we’d acknowledge them with the one-time credit — the same the parents would receive if their baby lived one day.’” Sen. Shelley Mayer, the bill’s Senate sponsor, added: “‘Parents who have experienced the tragedy of stillbirth have gone through unspeakable pain. They deserve acknowledgement for their experiences and for the many costs they incur as a result of their tragic loss.’”

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms supports the stillborn tax credit bill. However, we find it difficult to understand how Sen. Mayer and Asm. Buchwald could support a bill that acknowledges the value and worth of a baby in the womb when just a few months ago they voted for the Abortion Expansion Act that denies the value and worth of an unborn child.