State Senate Stays Status Quo

On Election Day, voters elected candidates to all 63 seats in the New York State Senate.

Presently, Democrats hold 42 seats in the State Senate, while Republicans hold 19; there are vacancies in Districts Four and Nine. As of November 18, 2022, Democrats had prevailed in 41 State Senate races and Republicans had won 21. Election results were not yet available in Senate District 50 (where Democratic Sen. John Mannion leads Republican Rebecca Shiroff). Mannion is leading by only 27 votes. This race is heading to an automatic recount.

While the results of the State Senate elections will not significantly alter either party’s level of influence, some general patterns are worth noting. Overall, Republicans did well in Long Island and in the lower Hudson Valley, while Democrats made gains in upstate New York. It is possible that Republican anti-crime messages resonated more with voters near New York City than they did with voters in other areas of the state. On Long Island, Republican challengers Steven Rhoads and Jack Martins defeated Democratic incumbent Sens. John Brooks and Anna Kaplan in Districts Five and Seven, respectively; also, Republican Patricia Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick won an open seat in District Nine. In the lower Hudson Valley, Republican William Weber unseated Democratic incumbent Elijah Reichlin-Melnick. Further upstate, Democratic Sen. Michelle Hinchey defeated Republican Sen. Sue Serino in District 41, Democrat Lea Webb defeated Republican Rich David in District 52, and Democratic Sen. Sean Ryan defeated Republican Sen. Ed Rath in District 61.

A full list of unofficial results is available here. Please note that the race in District 17 has been won by Democrat Senator-elect Iwen Chu and  District 42 has been won by Democratic Sen. James Skoufis.