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Jason J. McGuire

Executive Director
Jason J. McGuire serves as Executive Director of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms (NYCF) and as President of NYCF’s affiliated organization, New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation. McGuire has been on staff with NYCF since 2007, and has been an integral part of the continued growth and impact of the organization since that time.


New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms’ (NYCF) public speaking engagements are an extension of its affiliated organization, New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation's (NYFRF), educational ministry.

NYFRF is a nonprofit organization that educates, encourages, and equips Christians for effective participation in New York State government. In order to connect with our fellow New Yorkers, our Executive Director, Jason J. McGuire, preaches and speaks at churches, organizations, and community groups throughout the year. McGuire preaches God’s Word, applies our Christian faith to public policy, and keeps our friends and supporters apprised of ongoing developments in state government. Preaching and public speaking are integral parts of our ministry. He travels across New York—from Buffalo to Long Island—to minister in these ways.

The primary purpose of our preaching and speaking is to bless, encourage, and inform our fellow believers, while also exercising godly stewardship of resources and staff time. Accordingly, in our preaching and our public speaking engagements, NYFRF follows the following procedure:

  • If a church, organization, or community group wishes to invite Jason McGuire to preach or speak, that church, organization, or community group is requested to kindly contact our offices at least 90 days in advance of the proposed engagement. Exceptions to this general rule may be considered in special circumstances. We will make every effort to respond regarding our availability within 14 days of receipt of each invitation.
  • Scheduling requests should be sent via the form below.
  • We request that our hosts help steward Mr. McGuire's time by refraining from requesting his presence at morning and evening services on the same Sunday. This allows him opportunity to communicate with as many churches as possible in any given calendar year.
  • In non-emergency circumstances, we respectfully request no less than a 30-day notice of any cancellations.
  • We thank our friends and supporters for observing this procedure in connection with Mr. McGuire’s preaching and speaking activities. Please do not hesitate to contact our office with questions regarding this procedure. Our office can be reached via phone at (585) 225-2220, or through our web site.

Speaker Request Form

Any other information that would help Mr. McGuire to better understand his expected responsibilities.

We humbly ask that our hosts provide reasonable mileage reimbursement and meal reimbursement in connection with Jason McGuire’s visit.

The IRS recommended mileage reimbursement is calculated at $0.67 per mile.

If Mr. McGuire is asked to speak at a church, organization, or community group that is located more than 120 miles or two hours away from our offices in Greece, New York, we request reasonable reimbursement for his overnight accommodations as well.

To help sustain our organization and ensure the continued growth of our ministry, we request that our hosts consider the following honorarium guidelines:

  • Supporting Churches: If our host is a church that provides regular financial support to NYFRF or NYCF, we believe it is our biblical responsibility to maintain accountability to that local congregation. In this instance, there is no expected honorarium when Mr. McGuire visits the church. However, a love offering immediately following our presentation is always welcome.
  • Churches Actively Considering Support: If our host is a church that is actively considering monthly or quarterly financial support, no honorarium is expected when Mr. McGuire visits. However, we do ask that travel expenses be provided. A love offering immediately following our presentation is also appreciated, but not a requirement of our visit.
  • Non-Supporting Churches or Organizations: If our host is a church or organization that is not a regular financial supporter of our ministry and not actively considering doing so, we ask that the congregation or organization cover our travel expenses and provide an honorarium of $1,000.00 for our organization and/or that a love offering be taken immediately following his presentation.
  • Fundraising Events: Mr. McGuire also assists other like-minded organizations in their fundraising efforts by speaking at their events. In these instances, Jason's suggested honorarium is $2,500.00 per engagement, plus travel expenses.