Schneiderman Still Picking On Little Sisters

The Little Sisters of the Poor are Roman Catholic nuns that serve impoverished elderly people. Because of their Catholic beliefs about birth control, the Little Sisters cannot, in good conscience, pay for contraceptives or abortifacients for their lay employees. Because of the Obama Administration’s callous unwillingness to exempt them from the Obamacare birth control coverage mandate, the Little Sisters have had to seek relief from the Supreme Court of the United States twice.

Now that President Donald Trump has taken executive action to exempt faith-based organizations from the birth control coverage mandate, the Little Sisters should be home free, right? Wrong. The Federalist reports that six state attorneys general—including New York’s ultra-leftist Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman—have filed lawsuits challenging the President’s executive action. Furthermore, when the Little Sisters sought to participate in these lawsuits for the purpose of defending their religious freedoms, the attorneys general opposed their attempt to make their voices heard. It is sadly ironic that those who claim to support women’s rights have so little regard for the rights and freedoms of the Little Sisters of the Poor.

At New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, we believe that Attorney General Schneiderman and other state attorneys general should stop harassing the Little Sisters of the Poor and let them live out their faith in peace.