Schimminger Announcement Highlights Leftward Shift In Democratic Party

The recent announcement that Asm. Robin Schimminger (D-Kenmore) plans to retire at the end of his term after 44 years of service in the Assembly highlights the dramatic shift to the left that has taken place in the Democratic Party in recent years.

Asm. Schimminger is a Western New York Democrat who typically ran for office on the Conservative Party line as well as the Democratic Party line. Asm. Schimminger is known for his rapport with colleagues across the aisle and for his willingness to openly criticize Gov. Andrew Cuomo. On social issues, the Assemblyman swam against the tide within his party, having cast votes against abortion expansion, the Bathroom Bill, and same-sex “marriage” during the course of his career. Asm. Schimminger’s seniority and influence made it possible for him to cast these votes and still retain the support of his party. The fervent support for taxpayer-funded abortion expressed by the entire field of Democratic presidential candidates (including former Vice President Joe Biden, who was not always an abortion extremist) is a sobering reminder of the reality that a young Democrat in the Schimminger mold would find it well-nigh impossible to win the support of his own party in New York at present.

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms will miss Asm. Robin Schimminger when he leaves office at the end of his term. We also lament the fact that there are so few Democrats like him in elected office.