Rochester Reacts To Supreme Court Ruling That Respects Free Speech

Some religious individuals are speaking out, calling the news a reason to celebrate.

A full statement from Jason McGuire with New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedom, on Friday, reads:

“Today, in a decision we celebrate, the Supreme Court of the United States correctly ruled that a Colorado law that purports to require a Christian web designer to provide websites for same-sex ‘wedding’ ceremonies violates the First Amendment right to free speech.

“The Court’s decision in 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis is a relief for Christian-owned businesses across the United States. Over the past decade, pro-LGBT activists and their allies have used antidiscrimination laws to punish Christians — including photographers, a baker, a florist, and an event hall owner, among others — who, based on their sincerely-held convictions, declined to participate in same-sex ceremonies. Laws against discrimination are supposed to be used as shields to protect people from mistreatment, not as swords to attack people for what they believe. New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms thanks Lorie Smith of 303 Creative LLC and her attorneys at Alliance Defending Freedom for taking a brave stand against the bullies in legislatures and attorneys generals’ offices who have sought to impose their militant agenda at the expense of free speech and religious liberty.”

Source: “Rochester reacts to Supreme Court ruling that business can decline to work with same-sex couples,”