Researchers Call For Recognition Of Abortion As Cause Of Death

A new study has raised the question of whether abortion should be acknowledged as a cause of death when vital statistics are collected.

“‘The exclusion of a major cause of death from the vital statistics system, especially one with large racial and ethnic disparities, should be a major concern to the scientific community and society as a whole,’ write James Studnicki, Sharon J. MacKinnon, and John W. Fisher, especially since ‘there is no credible scientific opposition to the fact that a genetically distinct human life begins at conception and that an induced abortion is a death.’”

According to, the study’s authors take the view that including abortion as a cause of death would help to evaluate the frequency of abortion as compared to other causes of death.

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms agrees with the authors of this study. Listing abortion as a cause of death would be the honest thing to do, given that abortion stops the beating heart of an innocent child. More importantly, our state and our nation must come to recognize that abortion is wrong, reverse course, and end this horrific practice that has taken so many precious lives.