Requiring Multiple Occupancy Bathrooms in Public Schools, State Colleges and Universities, and State Agencies To Be Single-Sex (A.5422-Murray)

For the second year in a row, Asm. Dean Murray (R-East Patchogue) has introduced a bill (A.5422) that would promote clarity and safety regarding restroom and locker room use in public schools, in public institutions of higher education, and in state agencies. Bill A.5422-Murray provides that multiple-occupancy bathrooms in New York’s public schools, public colleges and universities, and state agency buildings may be used only by persons of the biological sex for whom those bathrooms were intended. Under Asm. Murray’s bill, a person’s biological sex is defined as the sex indicated on that person’s birth certificate. This bill is an important, common-sense measure that promotes the privacy and safety of women and girls. New York’s students and state employees do not deserve to be made unwitting subjects in social experiments. They also deserve to be able to change their clothes and shower without having their privacy invaded by members of the opposite sex.