Raging Cuomo Rejects Trump’s Transgender Healthcare Changes

The Trump administration is taking aim at yet another ill-advised Obama-era executive action. Predictably, Gov. Andrew Cuomo isn’t happy about it.

The Affordable Care Act (President Barack Obama’s signature health care law) banned sex discrimination in certain health care activities. Significantly, a federal rule “interpreted” this sex discrimination ban to include a ban on—you guessed it—discrimination based upon gender identity. The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty filed suit, claiming that this rule would compel Christian health care providers to offer medical services (such as so-called “sex reassignment surgeries,” for example) that violate their beliefs.

Late last month, multiple news outlets reported that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will propose new regulations to reverse the Obamacare pro-“transgender” rule. This move makes perfect sense, as the rule has no basis in law, is unnecessary, and jeopardizes religious freedom. Gov. Cuomo, however, sees the matter much differently.

According to the Governor, the contemplated rule change is “‘repugnant and unacceptable.’” In a statement, Gov. Cuomo congratulated himself for his pro-“transgender” executive actions on the state level and added that “‘we will not stop fighting to ensure equal protections for every New Yorker regardless of their gender identity.’”

Here’s a tip for the White House: If Gov. Cuomo is upset with you, you’re probably doing something right.