Albany Update Radio

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms (NYCF) is pleased to partner with multiple radio stations across the state of New York. Our organization provides daily sixty second commentaries available Monday through Friday, as well as longer weekly programs. Each of these programs is provided at no cost to the stations.

If our programs aren’t heard on your local radio, please encourage stations near you to pick up the Albany Update. Interested radio station or financial sponsorship partners can reach our office at (585) 225-2340 or via our contact page.

Find NYCF’s Albany Updates on a station near you, and please support local radio that supports your values.


Mars Hill Network

Syracuse, NY 13215 • 315-469-5051 • 1-800-677-1881 • Website:
Daily commentaries air on ALL network stations: Monday- Friday at 6:05 AM.

The weekly Albany Update airs Tuesday at 9:15 AM on WMHN Greece 101.9 FM and WMHN Webster/Gates 89.3 FM.


Family Life Network

“The Capitol Connection” airs at noon on Fridays.
See their website for broadcasts:



Buffalo, NY 14202-1007 • (716) 883-3010 • Website:

WDCX - 99.5 FM Buffalo, Toronto
WDCX - 990 AM Rochester
For the Albany Update:
FM - Sunday at 8:45-9:00 am
AM - Sundays at 6:00-6:15 am
For the 1-Min. Feature:
FM - Mon-Fri at 2:30 pm
AM - Mon-Fri at 2:18 pm


WJIV - 101.9

Cherry Hill, NY 13320 • 607 264 3062 • Website:

Weekly Program Airs: Sat. 6:30 AM
Daily Program M-F at random time of day


“The SONshine Network”

WASB 1590 AM • WRSB 1310 AM
Brockport, NY 14420 • 585-637 7040

Weekly 15 min. Airs on both stations: Mon. 5:15 PM