Proposed Constitutional Convention Is A Bad Idea

The New York State Constitution requires that a state constitutional convention [not to be confused with a Convention of States] question be placed on the ballot every 20 years. On November 7, 2017, New York voters will have the opportunity to consider such a question. If the voters vote “yes” on this year’s question, a convention will be held for the purpose of proposing constitutional amendments that would be presented to the voters on Election Day 2019. If the voters vote “no” on the constitutional convention question, the same question will be placed on the ballot in the year 2037.



While there are many potential constitutional amendments that would dramatically improve our state, New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms opposes this year’s constitutional convention question. Our vision for the State of New York is that it become a state where God is honored, where religious freedom flourishes, where families thrive, and where life is cherished. In a state where the Left holds great political power, we do not believe that a constitutional convention would move the State Constitution in this direction; in fact, it is quite possible that a convention might yield amendment proposals that would make our state worse instead of better. Therefore, NYCF encourages New York voters to vote “no” on the constitutional convention question in November of this year.