Progress Made In Fight Against Human Trafficking

Over the past several years, the state of New York has passed the Trafficking Victims Protection and Justice Act (TVPJA) and several other laws to combat human trafficking. Nevertheless, more remains to be done to rid New York of this pernicious crime.

This year, the New York State Assembly has passed three bills that would take small but important steps to provide trafficking victims with potentially lifesaving information and referrals. Each of the three bills would require that informational cards and/or signs be prominently displayed in public restrooms in certain specified locations. This literature would contain information about services for trafficking victims and would contain the phone number of the national human trafficking hotline (1-888-373-7888). Bill A.9406-Paulin would mandate that such information be displayed at commercial service airports and general aviation airports. Bill A.9169-Paulin would require such information to be displayed in Port Authority-run airports, and Bill A.9410-Paulin would require such information to be displayed in Port Authority bus terminals. The sponsor memoranda accompanying these bills note that airports and bus terminals are “known hubs used to traffic victims,” making them ideal locations to connect victims with information about available services.

NYCF thanks the Assembly for passing these three bills. We support these efforts to help connect trafficking victims with services, and we urge the New York State Senate to follow the Assembly’s example by passing these bills in 2022.