Pro-life Leaders Urge Congress To Protect Hyde And Similar Pro-life Riders

62 pro-life leaders from national and state organizations, including New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, recently sent a letter to congressional leadership urging them to fight for the Hyde Amendment and other similar longstanding pro-life riders to be included in the federal budget. The signees correctly anticipated that the riders, which must be added during the appropriations process each year, would not be included in President Biden’s proposed budget. 

The letter reads in part:

“As recently as 2006, then-Senator Biden was on the record opposing tax funding of abortion, saying, ‘I do not vote for funding for abortion… I won’t support public funding.’ Yet when on the presidential campaign trail in 2019, he flip-flopped to support abortion funding, directly contradicting his longstanding position.

“The impact of more than 2.4 million lives saved as a result of Congressman Hyde’s amendment and those amendments that followed cannot be measured. Congress has the duty and privilege to continue this legacy of protecting the vulnerable.”

SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser added:

“For more than four decades, the Hyde family of pro-life policies has kept American taxpayers out of the abortion business, with Hyde itself saving nearly 2.5 million lives. The Biden budget could put longstanding, bipartisan pro-life amendments on the chopping block, and Congress must fight back. We encourage our allies to be tireless in fighting to preserve the common ground Hyde principle and to reject any budget that omits vital pro-life protections.”

SBA List launched Hyde Saves Lives, a website with a host of scientific, legal, and academic resources on the Hyde amendment and the approximately two dozen related federal policies under attack from the Biden-Harris administration.

An op-ed published at Roll Call defines key pro-life amendments at risk and details the specific funding streams to which each one applies.

Recent polling shows 77% of Americans oppose using taxpayer dollars to promote abortion overseas, and 58% oppose using taxpayer money to fund abortions in the United States.