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Pro-Choice Perry Gershon’s ‘Disgusting’ Mailer Should Be Denounced

In the days and weeks leading up to an election, things can get nasty. Some people refer to the fall political season as “the silly season.” However, based on a recent Long Island campaign mailing, it might be more apt to call it “the sordid season.”

Several days ago, Democratic congressional candidate Perry Gershon released a mailer attacking Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley) for being pro-life. The mailer reportedly contained a picture of a wire hanger that was described as Rep. Zeldin’s plan for women’s health care. (The mailer refers to the common pro-abortion assertion that by seeking to make abortion illegal, pro-lifers will cause pregnant women to resort to wire hangers as a method of abortion.)

Rep. Zeldin responded appropriately, calling the mailer “‘the most disgusting mail piece [he had] ever seen in any campaign [he had] been a part of.’”

Gershon saw the matter differently. He stood by the mailing, calling Rep. Zeldin’s record on women’s health “‘abysmal’” and claiming that Rep. Zeldin “‘shows contempt for women’s equality.’” Gershon added that “‘while our imagery may be jarring initially, the facts behind it are far more dangerous.’”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, though. Last month, Mr. Gershon received Planned Parenthood Action’s endorsement. Upon the occasion, Gershon said, “I am fully committed to the mission of Planned Parenthood, and look forward to being a committed advocate and champion in Congress if elected this November.”

Gershon is deeply misguided on this point. Opposition to abortion is not dangerous; rather, it is abortion that is dangerous—both to the physical and mental health of women and to the unborn children whose lives are cruelly cut short.