President Trump Restores Gender Sanity To America’s Armed Forces

On Wednesday, July 26, President Donald Trump announced that he would rescind the Obama-era policy of allowing military servicemembers to identify as “transgender,” dress as members of the opposite sex, and use opposite-sex facilities.

President Trump’s announcement is a victory for common sense and decency, and for military preparedness. The President’s decision to bar “transgendered” behavior by servicemembers will prevent female servicemembers from being required to shower alongside male servicemembers that identify as “transgender”; it will also protect American tax dollars from being used to fund elective surgeries and cross-sex hormones that would make “transgender” servicemembers temporarily unavailable to do their jobs. Most importantly, the President’s decision will enhance the combat readiness of our Armed Forces. President Trump’s announcement was a timely one; as Albany Update reported last week, the Republican-led Congress recently voted down a proposal to bar taxpayer funding for so-called “gender reassignment” surgeries and cross-sex hormones for servicemembers.

Military policy should be guided by the national security interests of the United States, not by left-wing social experiments. New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms urges President Trump and the Department of Defense to implement this promised policy change quickly. In addition, we urge Congress to pass a law codifying that policy change.

Following President Donald Trump’s recent announcement that he would rescind an Obama-era policy allowing transgendered behavior in the Armed Forces, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, and other leftists quickly began pushing the narrative that the President’s decision was unjust. That narrative is false. Transgenderism is not an innate, unchanging characteristic like ethnicity or sex. People don’t choose their skin color or their ancestry, but they do choose what clothes to put on in the morning. Also, the choice to take cross-sex hormones or undergo so-called “gender reassignment” surgery is just that: A choice. Barring “transgendered” behavior by servicemembers does not discriminate against people; it merely bars chosen behaviors that are, at best, distractions from the military’s mission. Under President Trump’s anticipated policy, persons who serve (or are considering serving) in the Armed Forces will have a simple and fair choice to make: Refrain from dressing and identifying as members of the opposite sex, or refrain from serving in the military. In fact, President Obama’s policy on “transgender” issues was deeply unfair to members of the Armed Forces who were told to “accept” having their privacy invaded through sharing facilities with opposite-sex servicemembers. Furthermore, the requirement that servicemembers serve alongside “transgender” persons was fundamentally dishonest; it required servicemembers to treat women as men, and to treat men as women. While this untruth may have been motivated in part by compassion toward persons with gender dysphoria, that does not make it any less unacceptable.