President Trump Rescinds Obama School Bathroom Edict

President Barack Obama’s May 2016 transgender school bathroom edict has been relegated to the dustbin of history where it belongs.

On Wednesday, February 22, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced that the transgender edict had been rescinded. Spicer added that the edict “was confusing and hard to implement,” and added, “‘The president has made it clear [that] he is a firm believer in states’ rights and that certain issues like this are not best dealt with at the federal level.’”

The edict—which was misleadingly identified as a “guidance” document—had erroneously stated that federal civil rights laws required public schools to allow “transgender” students to use opposite-sex restroom and locker room facilities. Furthermore, the edict contained a thinly-veiled threat that schools refusing to comply with its terms could place their federal funding in jeopardy. Whether viewed through the lenses of law, morality, public safety, or human decency, the Obama transgender edict was an outrage. After more than 20 states filed suit to challenge the edict, a federal court in Texas issued an injunction barring enforcement of the edict until its ultimate fate could be determined in court. Thankfully, the Trump administration has responded appropriately.

Regarding the Trump administration’s reversal of the Obama school bathroom edict, a few basic points should be made.

First, Sean Spicer is correct. The federal government has absolutely no business dictating how schools should handle restroom access issues for students that identify as transgender.

Second, students that are confused and misled about their gender identities can be easily accommodated by being allowed to use single-stall restrooms such as those typically found in school nurses’ offices.

Third, hysterical claims of bigotry and intolerance from the Left regarding the Trump administration’s action should receive two simple responses: How do you think high school girls feel about sharing restrooms and locker rooms with biological males? How do you think the parents of those girls feel about having their daughters share space with biological males while they are in various states of undress?

Now that the Obama school bathroom edict is no more, here’s what ought to happen next. First, the Trump administration should issue new guidance documents clarifying that federal law does not require public schools to allow the use of opposite-sex facilities by “transgender” students. Second, the Supreme Court of the United States should reverse the lower court decision in Gloucester County School Board v. G.G. and should find in favor of the Virginia school board that created a policy against opposite-sex school bathroom use. The case is scheduled to be argued in March. Third, states should pass laws banning opposite-sex restroom use in public schools. Fourth, in states where such laws cannot be passed, individual schools and school districts should adopt policies banning opposite-sex restroom use in public schools.

Here’s the bottom line: Males with male anatomy have absolutely no business entering female-only space, regardless of how those males feel about themselves and their gender identities. Young girls should be able to shower and change clothes in school locker rooms in peace.