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Pregnant Women, Not Just Transportation Workers, Need Protection

Last week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo talked up his proposal to strengthen penalties for assaults on transit workers. The Governor is seeking to make it a felony to assault such workers. According to Gov. Cuomo, “‘New York has zero tolerance for anyone who flagrantly puts the lives and safety of transportation workers in jeopardy.’”

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms is opposed to assaults on anyone, including transportation workers. We have no objection to the Governor’s proposal. However, we find the Governor’s thought process bewildering. By signing the Reproductive Health Act last month, Gov. Cuomo repealed laws that punished persons who cause the deaths of unborn children by assaulting pregnant women. The Governor also repealed state laws that ensured that viable babies who survive late-term abortions receive medical care. How can it be that transit workers need special protection, but pregnant women, unborn children, and abortion survivors do not? How is it that the same Governor who feels the need to protect transit workers feels no need to protect other persons that are even more vulnerable?

The least Gov. Cuomo could do to mitigate some of the devastating damage done by the Reproductive Health Act would be to come out in support of the Liv Act, which would make an attack on a pregnant woman a class D felony. New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms knows this Governor too well to believe that he will take this step.