Planned Parenthood Poised To See Increased State Funding

Given the intense controversy and opposition that they stirred up with the recent passage of the Reproductive Health Act (RHA), one might assume that the New York State Senate Democratic Conference would lay off of the abortion issue for awhile. Unfortunately, the Senate Democratic Conference has different plans. Bill S.470-Rivera/A.1080-Glick, which would make Planned Parenthood clinics eligible for charity care funds, could be voted on in the Senate as soon as this week.

Currently, the State of New York makes charity care funds available to “diagnostic and treatment centers providing a comprehensive range of primary health care services” if “a minimum of five percent of total clinic visits reported during the applicable base year period were to uninsured individuals.” The existing law is designed to assist diagnostic and treatment centers that provide health services to a significant number of uninsured persons and do not receive compensation for those services. The proposed legislation would make Planned Parenthood clinics eligible for charity care funds as well.

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms strongly opposes this legislation. As an initial matter, the fact that the sponsors of the bill have not bothered to determine its fiscal implications makes their effort appear ill-thought-out and unserious. Also, given that Planned Parenthood’s worldwide operation boasts over $1 billion in assets, and given that Planned Parenthood already receives hundreds of millions in public funds, the organization is not in need of additional monies. Most importantly, Planned Parenthood is America’s largest abortion provider; as such, it should not receive a dime of taxpayer funding in the first place.

Members of the New York State Legislature should say “no” to this bill and keep indigent funds available for providers that actually help the poor.