Planned Parenthood Of Greater New York Fires CEO

On June 23, 2020, The New York Times reported that the leader of Planned Parenthood of Greater New York, Laura McQuade, had been fired following “mounting complaints about abusive behavior and unfair treatment of black staff members.”

According to the Times, hundreds of current and former Planned Parenthood employees signed letters laying out various allegations against McQuade. Those allegations—many of which McQuade denied—included:

  • Unequal treatment of black employees (including unequal pay);
  • Frequent outbursts of verbal abuse and hostility;
  • Financial mismanagement;
  • Pressuring clinic staff to increase their number of patient visits;
  • Engaging in nepotism by awarding a contract to a personal friend; and
  • Laying off or furloughing 250 Planned Parenthood employees during the COVID-19 pandemic while declining to cut her own salary or the salaries of other high-level Planned Parenthood employees. (McQuade defended this decision, asserting that cutting leadership salaries “‘would not have let us keep the strongest people with us moving forward.’”)

One letter regarding McQuade’s conduct said: “‘We…envision a Planned Parenthood where all our staff, in particular our black and other staff of color, are honored for their expertise and included in the decision-making process.’” At New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, we have a different vision. We envision a reality where every human life is protected under the law; where babies are welcomed by their parents as the gifts from God that they are; where Planned Parenthood staffers repent of their involvement in the abortion industry, seek salvation and forgiveness through Jesus Christ, and use their skills for good instead of evil; and where Planned Parenthood’s doors are closed.