Planned Parenthood Downsizes During Pandemic

In recent days, the COVID-19 outbreak has continued to wreak havoc in New York and across the nation.

This is a time of grief and sadness for many of our neighbors. As of April 7, there were 138,836 known coronavirus infections in the state and 5,489 coronavirus-related deaths. It is also a time of fear. In addition to the ever-present concerns for our own health and the health of our loved ones, many New Yorkers face financial uncertainty due to the impact of the epidemic upon businesses, jobs, and investments. Medical professionals in the New York City area and in other parts of the state are stretched to the breaking point, putting their own health on the line to care for the sick.

In the midst of all of the sad news surrounding the epidemic, Albany Update is pleased to share one piece of good news: Planned Parenthood of Greater New York is downsizing due to COVID-19. According to the Albany Times Union, the abortion provider has temporarily closed 12 of its New York clinics; those clinics are located in the Bronx, Glen Cove, Goshen, Hornell, Kingston, Massapequa, Monticello, Oneida, Rome, Staten Island, and Watkins Glen, respectively. According to a labor union that represents some Planned Parenthood employees, the organization’s lobbying efforts and youth programs have been “decimated” by staffing cuts. Planned Parenthood hopes to re-open some of the closed clinics and bring back some of the staffers it has laid off once the epidemic has subsided. Some former staffers claim that Planned Parenthood was struggling financially before the epidemic hit; they believe that the organization’s leadership had been planning to downsize and is using the epidemic as an excuse.

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms does not take joy in the suffering of others. We do, however, take joy in the hope that the Planned Parenthood closures will save lives by reducing the number of abortions in the Empire State. We pray that the 12 closed clinics will remain closed on a permanent basis.

With regard to the staffers that have lost their jobs, we pray that they will find new positions where they can use their God-given skills for good. We encourage those employees to become familiar with Abbey Johnson. Ms. Johnson was formerly employed by Planned Parenthood, but left that work and founded And Then There Were None. Today, she helps others walk away from their Planned Parenthood employment as well.