Planned Parenthood Does Not Like Marc Molinaro

The November elections are less than a month away, and Planned Parenthood is making its voice heard here in New York. And Planned Parenthood has made one thing quite clear: It doesn’t like Republican gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro.

According to the nation’s largest abortion provider, Molinaro is “weak on women’s health.” Why does Planned Parenthood say this? Because  Molinaro, as a Member of the New York State Assembly, reportedly voted for a budget amendment (known as the Butler Amendment) that would ban taxpayer funding for abortion through Medicaid. Furthermore, since 2011, Molinaro has reportedly donated $2,250 from his campaign accounts to Care Net Pregnancy Center. Of course, Planned Parenthood has endorsed Gov. Andrew Cuomo—a relentless proponent of abortion expansion—for re-election.

As usual, Planned Parenthood is completely off the mark. Voting against taxpayer funding for abortion reflects concern for the health of both women and unborn babies. In addition to taking the life of an innocent child, abortion can have profound physical and mental health consequences for women. Furthermore, donating funds to a pro-life pregnancy center demonstrates compassion for women who have become pregnant in less-than-ideal circumstances. On both issues, Planned Parenthood’s opposition has nothing to do with concern over “women’s health” and everything to do with its first priority: Lining its own pockets. In different ways, pro-life pregnancy centers and bans on Medicaid funding for abortion each threaten the bottom line of the $1.6 billion abortion behemoth by influencing pregnant women (whether through financial means or through compassionate advice) to choose life. For an organization whose lifeblood is the shedding of innocent blood, anything that discourages women from seeking abortion is a threat.

You can often tell which candidate poses the greatest threat to a certain political organization by whom it attacks and by how fierce the assault. In 2018, Planned Parenthood’s political apparatus has sprayed its venom in Marc Molinaro’s direction.