Parents Can Now Change Children’s Sex On Birth Certificates

Over the past several years, New York government has made various policy changes to accommodate persons who believe themselves to be members of the opposite sex. Recently, a misleading and damaging new ‘transgender’ policy has gone into effect.

On March 10, 2020, New York State Attorney General Letitia James announced that the New York State Department of Health would begin allowing parents or guardians of minors under the age of 16 to submit applications to change the sex designations on their children’s respective birth certificates.

In other words, the state will now allow parents to have their children’s birth certificates falsified.

Before 2014, the state allowed adults who identified themselves as “transgender” to have their birth certificates changed to reflect their self-professed gender identities; however, the state required that those individuals submit proof that they had undergone so-called “gender reassignment” surgery. In 2014, the state relaxed its rules and allowed “transgender” adults to request birth certificate changes without having undergone surgeries. Under the new rule, minors under the age of 16—with the help of their parents or guardians—will now be allowed to request altered birth certificates based on the assertion that they are “transgender” or “nonbinary.”

The policy was changed following a lawsuit filed against the state by a youth who claimed that the state’s refusal to issue an altered birth certificate based on “gender identity” violated the Constitution.

This latest “transgender”-friendly policy is deeply disturbing on multiple levels. The fact that the state has made a policy change of this magnitude without passing a law or using the state rulemaking process is unacceptable. It is upsetting (but not at all surprising) that the state folded so quickly in the face of a far-fetched lawsuit that might well have been dismissed. It is troubling that state government is so desirous of accommodating LGBT activist concerns that it would implement a policy that is dishonest at its core. It is grievous that some young people are confused about their God-given gender identities. But what is most disturbing is the fact that some parents who ought to know better are approving their children’s decisions to adopt “transgender” identities.