Paid Surrogacy Doesn’t Deliver In Legislative Session

Recently, Albany Update reported that the New York State Senate passed paid surrogacy legislation.

This week, we are grateful to report that the New York State Assembly declined to vote upon this legislation during the 2019 regular legislative session.

On June 20, 2019, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie acknowledged that Assembly Democrats lacked the votes to pass paid surrogacy legislation. In a statement, Speaker Heastie indicated that many members, “‘including a large majority of women in our conference, have raised important concerns that must be properly addressed before we can move forward.’” According to Speaker Heastie, some Assemblymembers “‘want more time, some are just uncomfortable. People want to take a longer look at it… We’re not being insensitive to people who are suffering from infertility or same sex couples who want to have children, but it’s just an issue people want to take a longer look at.’” The chief concern expressed in the Assembly related to the potential exploitation of women.

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms thanks the many Christians who contacted their elected officials—whether through our online Legislative Action Center, at Legislative Day in March, or otherwise—to urge them not to pass this deeply objectionable legislation. We also thank Assembly Democrats for putting the brakes on this measure. There was considerable political pressure on the Assembly to pass this bill; LGBT advocates and the fertility industry both advocated for it, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo also made it a key late-session priority. It is encouraging that Members of the Assembly found the political will to resist interest-group influence and the Governor’s bullying.

Babies should not be for sale in New York, and women’s wombs should not be for rent.