NYCF’s Prayer Requests For The New Year

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms invites our brothers and sisters in Christ to lift the following New Year’s prayer requests to the Lord:

  • That the COVID-19 pandemic would, at long last, come to an end;
  • That the Lord would protect New York from COVID-19 and from overreaching COVID-19 government mandates;
  • That the Lord would prevent misguided elected officials from harming our nation or our state;
  • That physician-assisted suicide, sports betting, recreational marijuana, and other destructive measures would fail to become law in New York in 2021;
  • That churches in New York would continue to balance the need for congregational gatherings with the safety of the public;
  • That Americans will, in the midst of the affliction of COVID-19, turn to God and acknowledge our collective need for Him;
  • That all matters relating to the 2020 elections would be resolved in an upright and fair manner;
  • That the eyes of our unbelieving friends and neighbors would be opened to the eternal truths of God’s Word, and that the lies and deceptions of our increasingly secularized culture would be exposed; and
  • That New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms would be effective advocates in spite of the fact that the New York State Capitol is closed to the public.