NYCF’s June 2019 Prayer Needs

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms invites our friends and supporters to remember the following requests in their prayer during the month of June:

  • That this year’s legislative session would end without the passage of any further ungodly legislation;
  • That the Lord would bring us the right person to take on the position of Legislative Chaplain, as Pastor Dale Walker is scheduled to step down next month;
  • That Gov. Andrew Cuomo and many members of the New York State Legislature would put their trust in Jesus Christ and be saved;
  • That progress would continue to be made on the renovations to our ministry center so that our affiliate organization, New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation, can begin using the space for classes and seminars;
  • That Christians in New York would respond to recent developments in our government with a renewed zeal for righteousness and a desire to see God’s will be done at the New York State Capitol;
  • That God would continue to provide for the financial needs of this ministry;
  • That members of the media would report the news fairly and without bias; and
  • That the Lord would bring an end to the scourge of abortion in our state and in our nation.