Influencing Legislation and Legislators for the Lord Jesus Christ.

NYCF’s December Prayer & Praise Report

Can you believe that the month of December is here? New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms has the following prayer requests for the last month of the calendar year:

  • We continue to pray for an end to the horrific practice of abortion;
  • We pray that Americans will learn to respect the sanctity of human life at all stages;
  • We pray for the protection of children and families in our nation, and that the hearts of fathers would be turned to their children (Malachi 4:6);
  • We thank the Lord for new protections for religious liberty in the United States, and we pray for our brothers and sisters in the persecuted church worldwide. Most of all, we pray that the Gospel will continue to be shared and received in all parts of the Earth;
  • We pray that the Lord will grant us favor with members of the New York State Legislature in the upcoming 2018 legislative session;
  • We pray that NYCF will end the year in a strong financial position;
  • We pray that our friends and supporters will have a blessed holiday season in which they connect with God and with family in special ways;
  • We pray that our state and our nation will be awakened to their desperate need for a risen Savior.