NYCF’s April 2021 Prayer Requests

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms invites our brothers and sisters in Christ to lift the following requests in prayer during the month of April:

  • That Christians wearied by a pandemic year would be encouraged by the hope of the Resurrection and the promised return of our Risen Lord;
  • That our state, our nation, and our world would continue to make progress in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • That COVID vaccines would become available to all who want or need them;
  • That the Lord would heal all those afflicted with COVID-19;
  • That it would become safe and possible to lift all remaining COVID-19 restrictions;
  • That the Pregnancy Center Report bill (Bill S.470-Hoylman/A.5499-Glick), an effort to weaponize New York government to harass pro-life pregnancy centers, would not be brought up for a vote;
  • That S.2584-A-Brouk, the Mandatory Sex Education Bill, would not see action this session;
  • That legislators would see the constitutional concerns with S.722-Hoylman, which would push LGBT issues into private schools and force many faith-based schools to choose between violating the law, violating their own beliefs, and closing their doors;
  • That the State Assembly would soon pass the Nourish New York bill (S.4892-A-Hinchey/A.5781-A Cruz), which would help connect food banks and those experiencing poverty with Empire State farmers who need to sell their product;
  • That the Lord would protect the people of the United States from the passage of laws like the so-called Equality Act;
  • That truth would be revealed and justice done in regard to the accusations that Gov. Andrew Cuomo committed acts of sexual harassment, bullied his staff and others, and intentionally neglected to oversee nursing home residents during the pandemic;
  • That our Legislative Bible Study, which has been reconvened, would be a blessing to every legislator that participates;
  • That many members of the State Legislature would place their faith in Jesus Christ.

Thank you for bringing these requests to the Lord in prayer.