NYC Schools Adopt New Gender Inclusion Guidelines

The effort to institutionalize a warped view of gender that conflicts with both faith and science has, unfortunately, moved forward in New York City schools.

According to the Brooklyn Eagle, the New York City Department of Education has adopted new “gender inclusion” guidelines for the upcoming school year. Here are the highlights (or lowlights):

  • Outside of state-regulated sports like wrestling and football, students who identify as members of the opposite sex will be allowed to play on opposite-sex sports teams;
  • Boys and girls will not have separate gym classes;
  • With parental permission, students will be allowed to alter their names and their stated genders on school records;
  • Parents will be allowed to “self-report their child’s gender upon enrollment, as opposed to submitting a birth certificate”; and
  • Training will be provided to help school personnel implement the new guidelines.

In addition to being a waste of time and having nothing to do with education, the new guidelines are objectionable on many levels. The provisions regarding sports and gym classes are grossly unfair to female athletes, who will likely be required to compete against biological males. The use of school records to affirm students’ gender dysphoria is completely backwards, and will make school personnel complicit in dishonesty. And if faculty or staff refuse to go along with the charade, they will likely find out that there is a real cost to their unwillingness to follow the so-called guidelines.