NYC Dives Into ‘Non-Binary’ Death Certificates

At New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, we frequently find ourselves bewildered by the priorities of government officials in our beloved state.

Last year, we questioned the priorities of the New York City Council when it passed an ordinance creating a “third gender option” on birth certificates. This year, the New York City Health Department has confounded us in similar fashion by authorizing a “third gender option” on death certificates. According to Dr. Oxiris Barbot (pronunciation), Commissioner of the New York City Health Department, “‘Reforming our institutions to reflect the identities of the people we serve is essential to being an inclusive, equity-driven agency and city… We can honor how non-binary individuals lived by ensuring their death records accurately reflect their identities.’”

Does it really honor a deceased individual to assert that he or she was neither male nor female? (Some might see such an assertion as an insult to a person’s memory.) Does it honor the Lord to tell a lie about someone’s sex? Does it matter whether the person believes that lie, and wants desperately for us to affirm it? And in a city facing a self-created fiscal crisis, failing public housing, and record homelessness, should city government waste time and tax dollars creating new gender markers on legal documents?