Norris Seeks To Make New York A No-Trafficking State

With the passage of the Trafficking Victims Protection and Justice Act of 2015 and other important laws, the State of New York has made strides against the scourge of human trafficking. However, more work remains to be done. New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms (NYCF) supports legislation that cracks down on traffickers and on persons who purchase trafficking victims; we also support laws that make potentially lifesaving information and resources available to trafficking victims. Bill A.8690-Norris falls into the latter category.

Bill A.8690-Norris would require that signs containing contact information for human trafficking hotlines and law enforcement resources be placed in every state-owned building that is supervised by the Office of General Services and is open to the public. Specifically, the bill would require such signs to be placed in public view and in all public restrooms.

NYCF supports this bill because it would place helpful information in a location where trafficking victims might see it and be able to utilize it so that they can be freed from the control of traffickers. No person made in the image of God should be bought and sold like a consumer product. The State of New York must continue to take decisive action to eradicate this despicable practice that has caused so much suffering to individuals and families.