New York And The Nation Need Prayer

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms (NYCF) invites our friends and supporters to join us in bringing the following requests before the Lord during the month of May:

  • That the recent legalization of marijuana would not lead to increased marijuana use or other damaging consequences;
  • That cities and towns throughout New York would opt out of allowing marijuana to be cultivated or sold within their borders;
  • That the Lord would dismantle the abortion industry, human trafficking, prostitution, the surrogacy industry, organized crime, the black market in hard drugs, the gambling industry, the marijuana industry, pornography, and all other enterprises that degrade human dignity or entice New Yorkers into addictive or self-destructive behavior;
  • That the Lord would bring comfort to the family of the late George Floyd in the wake of the murder conviction of former officer Derek Chauvin, and that He would bring racial reconciliation to this nation;
  • That the Lord would cause the truth to be revealed in the pending investigations of Gov. Andrew Cuomo;
  • That the Lord would eradicate COVID-19 from this state and this nation;
  • That the Lord would intervene to prevent the passage of any further ungodly laws in New York in 2021; and
  • That the Lord would bring a revival to our state and our nation, causing our people to turn to Him for salvation.

Thank you for lifting these requests to the Lord. Also, please note that our weekly prayer phone call is held at 8:15 AM on Tuesdays; to participate, please click here to sign up.