Influencing Legislation and Legislators for the Lord Jesus Christ.

New Year Means New Opportunities For Legislative Ministry

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms (NYCF) is New York’s evangelical Christian advocacy organization. Our friends and supporters are aware of the legislative portion of the work we do in Albany. Over the years, NYCF has successfully worked to prevent abortion expansion, the Bathroom Bill, the Counselor Coercion Bill, physician-assisted suicide, and other nightmarish legislation from becoming law in the State of New York. We fought to uphold authentic marriage in New York; sadly, we lost that battle in 2011. NYCF also pushed for the passage of the 2011 Missing Angels Act (which gives mothers of stillborn children the option of obtaining a Certificate of Still Birth) and a 2017 law requiring the State of New York to prepare a report on the impact of a potential special needs adoption tax deduction.

However, our ministry includes a pastoral component as well. Our affiliate organization, New Yorkers Family Research Foundation (NYFRF), sponsors a Legislative Bible study. Led by NYFRF’s Legislative Chaplain, Pastor Dale Walker, the Bible study is open to all 213 Members of the New York State Legislature and occurs each week while the Legislature is in session. There are countless lobbyists walking the halls of the New York State Capitol. To our knowledge, there is no other organization that offers Biblical teaching and spiritual direction to Members of the Legislature. Through Pastor Dales ministry, numerous legislators have been introduced to Christ and nurtured in their faith. The Bible Study gives legislators from both parties—and from various regions of the state—a unique opportunity to gather for prayer and Biblical teaching.

At NYCF, we are thankful for the opportunity to influence both legislation and legislators for the Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor Dale’s first Bible study of the year is scheduled for January 15, 2019. Friends, would you pray that the Lord will continue to use Pastor Dale to influence Members of the Legislature in a powerful way?