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New Study Rebuts Leftist Dogma About Sexual Orientation

Both in New York and throughout the country, there is a determined movement to make it illegal to assist minors in overcoming unwanted same-sex (homosexual) attraction. Unfortunately, advocates have succeeded in banning this type of counseling for minor clients in Albany and Erie Counties and in New York City. The eventual goal of this movement is to bar this type of counseling for persons of all ages. Typically, LGBT activists—along with their allies in mainstream mental health organizations—pretend that it is impossible to overcome same-sex attraction and dangerous to try.

Thankfully, the LGBT movement is wrong, as any Christian who has read I Corinthians 6 knows. At our 2018 Legislative Day, New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms was pleased to have Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Jr. with us to share about his counseling practice with men seeking to  overcome unwanted same-sex attraction. A recent study offers further evidence of what we know to be true.

According to The Christian Post, the study, “Effects of Therapy on Religious Men Who Have Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction,” shows that counseling geared toward overcoming unwanted same-sex attraction actually improves the mental health of men who receive it. “Nearly 70 percent of respondents self-reported ‘some to much’ reduction in their same-sex attraction and their behavior and an increase in their opposite-sex attraction and behavior,” and participants “also reported improvements ‘in self-esteem and social functioning, and [decreases] in suicidality, substance abuse, depression, and self-harm.’”

If you know and love someone who struggles with unwanted same-sex attraction, please let them know that there is hope for change.