New Pro-Life Champion Emerges In Assembly

Asm. David DiPietro (R-East Aurora) has been a stalwart defender of unborn children for the past several years. This year, Asm. DiPietro is joined by a second pro-life champion: Asm. Ronald Castorina Jr. (R-Staten Island).

Asm. Castorina, pictured, was elected to the Assembly on April 19, 2016 to fill the vacancy created in Assembly District 62 following the departure of Asm. Joe Borelli, who left the Assembly to take a seat on the New York City Council. Prior to his service in the Assembly, Asm. Castorina served as a First Lieutenant in the New York Guard Army Division and served as a Commissioner of the Board of Elections on Staten Island.

Asm. Castorina has served in the Assembly for less than two months, but he has already developed a reputation as a passionate defender of the sanctity of human life. On June 7, during an Assembly debate on abortion expansion legislation, Asm. Castorina decried the high abortion rate amongst African-Americans, describing abortion as “African-American genocide.” Rather than taking to heart the soberingtruth of the Assemblyman’s heartfelt words, pro-abortion Members of the Assembly responded by jeering, accusing Asm. Castorina of racism, repeatedly attempting to interrupt his speech, and storming out of the room. To make matters worse, Asm. Jeffrion Aubry (D-Queens), who was presiding over the chamber, barely attempted to conceal his partisanship in responding to the juvenile behavior of his colleagues during the remainder of the hours-long debate. While the New York State Assembly is not known for its dignity or its decorum, the treatment to which Asm. Castorina was subjected marked a disgraceful new low.

For his part, Asm. Castorina remains unmoved. Following the debate, the Assemblyman told reporters, “‘I believe in the sanctity of life and I will always defend it, because the unborn do not have [a] voice.’”

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