New Partnership Aims To Normalize LGBT Identities

Unfortunately, a New York nonprofit that serves children and families is partnering with an LGBT organization in an effort to help parents support the “transgender” and “queer” identities of their children.

In an article that offered only one perspective on LGBT issues, Katherine Kiessling of the Albany Times Union reported that the Pride Center of the Capital Region would commence a social and support group for parents of children who identify as LGBTQ+. The group, known as “Parenting with Pride,” will meet at the Berkshire Farm Center in Colonie. Eventually, the Pride Center hopes to expand the program to other Berkshire Farm locations.

Nathaniel Gray of the Pride Center commented, “‘Parents of a transgender kid might come and want to better understand the process of mental health diagnosis to medical transition… but they might also come because it’s really hard to talk to grandma about why they/them is a singular pronoun.’” Gray also asserted that the group would make homosexuality and transgenderism appear normal by helping parents to see that their children were destined to be LGBT from conception: “‘We are a statistical reality. We have been here the whole time. Yet there are those pretending like that’s not true, and that’s what’s making us go crazy. That’s why we have depression, anxiety and suicide as our stamp of marginalization.’”

Sadly, efforts to make homosexuality and transgenderism appear normal have been quite successful across the United States. In South Dakota, the Family Heritage Alliance recently asserted that intact families with married mothers and fathers are the safest places for children. In response, a Democratic state legislator described this belief as “dangerous” and “un-American.” 

At New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, we are saddened by efforts to normalize what our Creator has deemed abnormal. Children and parents should know that there is a God who loves them, and that He has a better plan for their lives than homosexuality and transgenderism.