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New Legislation Targets Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

On June 11, 2018, during the waning weeks of the legislative session, pro-abortion Asm. Deborah Glick (D-Manhattan) introduced a new piece of legislation attacking pro-life pregnancy centers that support pregnant women and encourage them to choose life for their babies.

Bill A.11150-Glick would require the New York State Department of State Division of Consumer Protection to conduct a study on pro-life pregnancy centers. The proposed study would require the collection of 13 different categories of information from pregnancy centers “and other relevant sources,” including information on services provided; sources of government funding, if any; religious affiliation; number of medical professionals on staff; and ultrasound availability. The proposed study would also include information on whether “misleading or medically or factually inaccurate information is given” at pregnancy centers, including “misinformation” about “the effects of abortion on future fertility and the effects of abortion on mental health.” The bill would require that the study’s conclusions be reported to the governor and the legislature. According to Asm. Glick’s bill memo, the bill is needed because at “deceptive” pro-life pregnancy centers, “pregnant people are misled, shamed, and pressured to not seek prenatal care…”; therefore, the State should collect data on the impact such centers have upon New Yorkers’ “reproductive health.”

This bill would cause two major problems. First, the bill would open the door for the State of New York to harass pro-life pregnancy centers into providing information for the required “study.” Providing this information would strain pregnancy centers’ human and financial resources and distract them from their compassionate, life-saving mission. Second, the bill would lay the groundwork for an attack on pregnancy centers on “consumer fraud” grounds. A similar approach has been used by the left to successfully shut down a Jewish nonprofit group that assists men in overcoming unwanted same-sex attraction.

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms strongly opposes this pernicious and mean-spirited bill, and will monitor it closely in future years. If Asm. Glick is truly concerned about women’s health, she should sponsor legislation to require the state to study and report on Planned Parenthood’s grisly activities.