Mercy Says Help Moms On Medicaid

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms supports policies that promote the Biblical concepts of justice and mercy.

On the 2022 Digital Day of Action, the top priority on our justice and mercy agenda is the Medicaid Coverage for Post-Childbirth Hospitalization Bill. This legislation would require Medicaid to cover at least 48 hours of inpatient hospital care for mothers and their newborn babies. For moms who have given birth via caesarian section, the bill would require coverage for a minimum of 96 hours. Under this bill, moms and babies who are discharged from the hospital before these time periods have expired would be entitled to coverage for a home care visit. The bill would also require that Medicaid’s maternity care coverage include help for new mothers in learning how to feed their babies.

Existing law requires private insurance companies to cover hospital stays following childbirth; however, it does not require Medicaid to provide the same coverage. The proposed bill would give Medicaid recipients the same protections that are available to persons with private insurance coverage.

The Medicaid Coverage for Post-Childbirth Hospitalization Bill is important because it would help to prevent mothers and babies on Medicaid from having to leave the hospital for insurance reasons when they are not yet ready to return home. It would also promote the health and well-being of newborn babies by making it more likely for certain health problems to be observed and treated before babies leave the hospital. Passing this legislation is also a matter of justice, as families receiving Medicaid should not receive medical care that is inferior to the care received by families with private health insurance.

The Medicaid Coverage for Post-Childbirth Hospitalization Bill passed the New York State Senate on February 16, 2022. New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms respectfully calls upon the New York State Assembly to pass this common-sense bill.