Medical Society Reaffirms Opposition to Physician-Assisted Suicide

It is quite common for the left to appeal to experts in various fields to buttress its agenda. On matters ranging from same-sex “marriage” to sexual orientation change to intelligent design, the left has consistently worked to marshal support from scholars and professional associations in an attempt to persuade judges, policymakers, and the public to move in its desired direction. While science has much to offer in informing public policy, its usefulness is dependent upon its honesty and its objectivity. When experts in a given field share a common ideology, impose that ideology upon others in their field, and use their credentials to promote a political or social agenda, those experts’ conclusions become mere statements of elite opinion and should not be regarded as authoritative.

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Thankfully, not all professionals allow themselves to be co-opted by the left. On May 14, 2019, the Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY) reaffirmed its opposition to physician-assisted suicide. In a statement, MSSNY President Arthur Fougner, MD said, “‘As physicians, we value the importance of each person’s life. There are great disparities in access and quality of care at the end of life and we are particularly concerned about the impact of Medical Aid in Dying on vulnerable populations.’” MSSNY was founded in 1807, has 30,000 members, and “is the state’s principal non-profit professional organization for physicians, residents and medical students of all specialties.”

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms thanks MSSNY for refusing to give in to the pressure to change its position on this important issue.

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