May We Ask You A Favor?

Friends, may we ask you a favor? If New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms is not on your prayer list, could you add us to it?

NYCF does challenging work in a difficult environment. We stand for Christian principles within the halls of a state government where God is routinely disregarded or mocked. Many leaders enthusiastically champion what is evil, while too few stand for truth and righteousness. We need the power of God and the working of His Holy Spirit to do our work effectively in Albany.

Specifically, NYCF would ask that you please pray as follows:

  • That New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation’s Legislative Bible Study would be effective in leading legislators to Christ and in helping Christian legislators to grow in their faith;
  • That the Lord would show us favor before local and state officials in regard to the purchase of a building that will serve as our ministry headquarters. NYFRF’s new target date for closing on the purchase is July 2016.
  • That NYCF would be effective and persuasive in lobbying for our legislative priorities;
  • That the Lord would give us energy and strength during the grueling final weeks of the legislative session;
  • That the Lord would give us favor with legislators and staff, and would give them ears to hear the truth about the issues that we bring to their attention;
  • That the Lord would frustrate the schemes of those who seek to exert an evil influence over our government;
  • That the Lord would provide for the spiritual and financial needs of our organization; and
  • That the Lord would bring revival and a renewed personal and corporate desire for holiness and integrity to the halls of government.