March Prayer And Praise Postings

New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation and our affiliate organization, New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, humbly ask that our friends and supporters remember the following praises and requests in your prayers during the month of March:

  • Pastor Eric Walton, NYFRF’s Legislative Chaplain, reports that legislators have been receptive, responsive and participatory during the weekly legislative Bible studies.  He has also started joining legislators for weekly pick-up basketball games. Pastor Eric finds that legislators open up to him more readily after chasing a basketball up and down the court for a couple of hours each week. Several have made appointments with Pastor Eric to speak with him on a deeper, more personal, level.
  • Pray that our March 17, 2020 Legislative Day event will be a rousing success. Please ask the Lord for good weather and safe traveling conditions. Also, pray that the Lord would use our event to educate, encourage, and equip believers for effective participation in New York government. Pray that the Lord would give our featured speakers the right words to speak, that our staff would be given an extra measure of strength and energy as they prepare for Legislative Day, and that the Lord would give believers divine appointments to interact with and influence their legislators.
  • Please join us in thanking the Lord that the Legislature has not spent the first weeks of the 2020 legislative session passing an avalanche of ungodly legislation as they did during the early portion of last year’s session.
  • Please pray that the Lord would prevent the passage of evil laws in the 2020-2021 state budget (deadline: March 31, 2020). Specifically, please pray against the inclusion of paid surrogacy and recreational marijuana in the budget. Pray that legislators would be motivated, whether by their consciences or by their fears of defeat in the fall elections, to vote against harmful and immoral legislation.
  • Finally, we ask your continued prayers that the Lord would raise up new supporters to help meet the financial needs of our work.

Thank you for remembering these requests in your prayers.