Liv Act (Bill S.2129-Jordan/A.4843-DiPietro)

The 2019 abortion law known as the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) removed all abortion-related crimes from New York’s criminal code. This action removed certain provisions that had been used by prosecutors to punish offenders who commit violent crimes against pregnant women.

The Liv Act (Bill S.2129-Jordan/A.4843-DiPietro) would restore some protections for pregnant women and unborn babies that the RHA removed from New York law. The Liv Act would make it a Class D felony for a person who is aware of a woman’s pregnancy to intentionally injure her. Under the Liv Act, perpetrators of such injuries would face punishment whether or not their crimes result in harm to an unborn child. The bill is named for Liv Abreu, a military veteran from the Bronx who was stabbed by her boyfriend six times while she was pregnant. While Abreu survived the attack, her unborn child did not.

The Liv Act explicitly excludes abortion providers from its provisions. Therefore, pro-choice Members of the Legislature should have no objection to it. Regardless of one’s position on abortion, all New Yorkers should agree that a woman’s right to choose to carry her pregnancy to term should be respected and protected. Accordingly, NYCF calls upon the Legislature to pass the Liv Act as soon as possible.