Leftists Plan Leap Year Lurch

Between the Abortion Act, the Bathroom Bill, and the raft of other radical bills that passed in Albany this year, you might think that the political left would be satisfied with its efforts and ease up a bit next year.

You would be wrong.

Instead, progressives are looking to lurch our state even further left in the 2020 Leap Year. As The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this summer, New York progressives have many more agenda items that they are determined to implement. Those items include:

  • The full legalization and commercialization of recreational marijuana, which would allow big marijuana companies to entice adult New Yorkers into becoming addicted to a hallucinogenic drug;
  • The legalization of prostitution, which would normalize a morally repugnant activity that exposes women to violence and sexually transmitted disease;
  • The establishment of a government-run system of socialized medical insurance, which would make New Yorkers less healthy, lead to the rationing of medical care by government, and endanger religious liberty; and
  • The repeal of New York’s ban on paid surrogacy, which would exploit low-income women and would—in essence—allow adults to buy children.

These proposals and others are the reasons that Christian New Yorkers must stay involved and engaged in the political process. We cannot allow these destructive policies to be foisted onto the next generation of New Yorkers.