Kentucky Clerk Stands By Her Convictions—And Wins!

Rowan County (Ky.) Clerk Kim Davis’ long battle for an accommodation that would allow her to perform the duties of her office without violating her Christian beliefs about marriage is over—and Kim won!

Newly-elected Gov. Matt Bevin (R-KY) has issued an executive order authorizing the use of a new marriage license form that is not required to bear the name of a county clerk. The new form can be signed and notarized by other employees of county clerks’ offices that do not have moral or religious objections to same-sex “marriage.”

In his executive order, Gov. Bevin stated that the existing marriage license form “‘creates a substantial burden on the freedom of religion of some county clerks and employees of their offices because the current form bears the name of the issuing county clerk, and some county clerks and their employees sincerely believe that the presence of their name on the form implies their personal endorsement of, and participation in, same-sex marriage, which conflicts with their sincerely held religious beliefs.’”

If former Gov. Steve Beshear had been willing to come up with a common-sense solution like this, Kim Davis would not have had to spend five days in jail earlier this year. Nevertheless, late is better than never.